Unable to click on email button while in single item view.

Alexander Cerrato
Alexander Cerrato
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Author: Alexander Cerrato

Date: June 10, 2024

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Self Hosted and Cloud customers


Summary: Why am I unable to click on email button while in single item view.

Change your Windows settings and set the default app settings for Outlook MAILTO to Outlook.

1. Click on your Windows "Start" button and search for "Default".

2. Select "Default Apps" system setting.

3. In the Settings window search for "mail" and select the "MAILTO" option in the dropdown menu.

4. In the popup window that appears select "Outlook" and then the "Set Default" button.


No email client is set as default for the "mailto:" HTML operation.


Additional Information/Metadata:

  • Email button
  • Single item view
  • Send email
  • Default "MAILTO" setting
  • Windows system settings


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