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    If you are facing application errors, it is likely we'll need to take a deeper dive into the issue and will require the logs:

    • For application/installation problems on Jama 8.x (on-premises only) generate and attach the support bundle from the Support tab on the Jama Admin console.
    • For application/installation problems on 2015.2-2015.5: zip up and attach the logs from [tomcat_home]/logs, making sure to include the subfolder contour.
    • For JIH issues (hosted and on-premises) an error report can be created within JIH by selecting Create Error Reportfrom the icon in the left corner.

    For performance issues, start with this great article on our Community: Troubleshooting Performance Issues - What to Expect

    Creating a ticket via the website:

    • Add a brief description of the issue to the subject line.
    • Summarize the problem you are facing or question you have and add any additional details(browser type & version, screenshots of the issue are helpful).
    • Set a priority to let us know the importance to you.
    • State the Jama version you are currently using and if this is your production or a test/dev instance.

    To create a ticket via email:

    • Send the above information to
    • When creating a Support ticket via email, the priority will default to 'normal'. A Support Engineer can set the priority retroactively if instructed.