Contact us by phone.
Please note that non-US phone numbers may not work with all mobile carriers, so we recommend the use of a landline to call Jama Support.

United States
Toll-free: 1-800-679-3058
Direct: 503-922-1058

United Kingdom
Direct: +800-7000-4004

Germany and Sweden
Direct: +800-7000-4004

Direct: 990-800-7000-4004

Direct: +800-040-2213

Standard US Support Hours
7:00a-5:00p PT Monday-Friday

Standard EU Support Hours
7:00a-4:00p GMT+1 Monday-Friday

Enterprise US/EU Support Hours
Sunday 3:00p-Friday 6:00p PT

User Portal Terms of Use

Tickets may also be submitted via email to

Welcome to Jama Support

Before submitting a support ticket, we recommend visiting the Jama Community. There are many how-to articles, API resources, FAQs and user-submitted questions. It is possible you will find your answer there.

If you would like to create a ticket, select Submit a Request above to create a new ticket or Check Your Existing Requests for the status of previous tickets.

Please note that tickets must be submitted by one of your organization’s Named Support Contacts.

In order to streamline the prioritization of tickets as they come in, the Support team includes a Severity field on the internal ticket form. A Support engineer will select this value once he or she has assessed the situation using the information provided in the ticket and match it with the below definitions.

Severity Definition
1 Jama is down or significantly reduced in a production environment
2 Impaired functionality of a major feature or function in a production environment
3 Problems with Jama running in a non-production environment, functional/general use questions and non-business impacting problems in a production environment