File has extra '20%' in Name when Downloaded

Kellen Fields
Kellen Fields
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Author: Kellen Fields

Date: April 12, 2024

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When downloading an attachment from Jama Connect, it's crucial to note that you might see '20%' in place of 'spaces' in the file name where no such character is present within the UI. This issue can cause confusion and make it difficult to locate and use the downloaded files.

There are specific browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and Chrome, where this issue (i.e., 'space replaced by %20') occurs. Use another browser, such as Firefox, or remove the spaces from the file name within Jama Connect®.


This is not a Jama-specific issue but rather how browsers handle spaces in file names. The encoding of spaces as %20 is a part of the standard URL encoding rules established in the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) specification. This ensures consistency and interoperability across different web platforms. Spaces are not allowed in URLs, and using %20 to represent spaces helps avoid ambiguity and misinterpretation by web servers and browsers. This encoding ensures that URLs are correctly parsed and processed.


Remove spaces from attachments within Jama.



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