Adding a Field to an Existing Item

Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Authored initially in July 2019 

The results of adding a field to an Item Type will not cause any adverse effects to the existing items. Instead, it will add a blank field to the Item Type.
Creating the Field
To add a field to an Item Type, you must be a Jama Admin. Select the Item Types menu, then decide which Item Type will get a new field. Select Config in the same row as the desired item.

A window will appear to the right showing all available fields in that Item Type and options for editing the list of fields in the upper right. The icons are (from left to right) editmove upmove downdelete, and add a field.

Add Field
will open a dialog box where you can specify the field details.
First, decide if this will be a Predefined Field or a Custom Field. A Field Label is required, as this is the field name that users will see. A Unique Field Name will auto-populate in an editable field when a Field Label is chosen. Once the field has been created and saved, the Unique Field Name will no longer be editable in the UI or with the API.
You can check out the Jama User Guide's entries on configuring an item type and modifying fields for additional information on adding fields.
Adding New Fields to the Review Center
When you have finished creating the field, you must make sure it is viewable in the Review Center by going to Admin > Item Types, selecting Configure View on the item in question, and using the drop-down menu to select Review Center Single Item View and Review Center Reading View. The Review Center Reading View is the default view that displays multiple items per page, while the Review Center Single Item View displays just one item in detail.

When you move the new field to the Visible Columns, you can return to your review and see your newly-created fields.
The new field will appear in the Review Center without a new revision. When you fill in the new fields, you must publish a new revision to see the data. Publishing a new revision will let approvers and reviewers know that there is new information to review.

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