Setting up SAML for self-hosted customers

Sravya Bandari
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Author: Sravya Bandari

Date:  Nov 17th 2023

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Environmental details: Setting up SAML for self-hosted customers


This guide provides an overview of enabling or configuring SAML for on-premises customers using version 8.62 and above.
The SAML service will run locally in self-hosted instances on version 8.62 and above. Users should be able to configure and use SAML as long as the SAML container runs.


Jama version 8.62 and above:

Customers will need to input the following information into their IDP for configuration. 

Audience URL (Entity ID):

Reply/Assertion Consumer Service URL:
https://[HOSTNAME]/saml/SSO/alias/defaultAlias (Note: The hostname is case-sensitive.)

Unique identifier for the user: Jama matches the email address, so the Unique User Identifier's 'name identity format' should be 'unspecified,' and the source attribute should be the user's Email.

  • Please follow the below steps once the configurations are done on IDP:
  • Pull the new metadata from IDP as either XML or URL
  • Enter the new metadata into Jama. Set the first and last name properties.
  • Hit save and test it out.
  • If a connection is established, the last three fields in that view will be auto-populated as follows,

SP metadata URL:

ACS / single-sign-on URL:

SP entity ID / Audience restriction:




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