Why can´t I see Test Runs reflected in Coverage Explorer?

Luis Prudoth
Luis Prudoth
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Author: Luis Prudoth

Date: May 15, 2024

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In this article, you will learn why Test Runs aren´t reflected in Coverage Explorer even if they have a Test Case in common and how to add them.


When you try to create a Coverege Explorer for a Test Case type and then add the Test Runs, you will notice that this is not reflecting, but why is that?

Test runs to test cases aren't relationships. To see those in the coverage explorer you have to create relationships between the 2 manually; for that, you can perform the following steps:

Go to the Test Case in Single Item View, click the Test Run widget, and copy the Test Run ID.


2. In the same Single Item View, click the Relationship widget Relate item(s) > Search tab > ´Type/Paste the Test Run ID in the search field´ > Relate button > Create relationship

3. Check the Coverage Explorer view


Cause: Test Cases have test runs but are not reflected in the Coverage Explorer.


Prevention: We recommend the Trace View which is smarter and will include test runs without requiring a relationship.



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