How Change Requests Work

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Updated: May 6, 2024

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Change Requests allow users to manage items that may require further editing. The Change Request widget (tab) can be added to any Item Type by the Organization administrator, but we recommend that you use the Change Request Item Type itself to facilitate this functionality.

Add Change Request
For ease of use, we recommend that you name the Set "Change Requests," which will include the Change Request ItemType.

  1. Create a new Change Request Item within the Set
  2. Select the Change Request tab labeled "Items to be Changed"
  3. Click on the "Associate Item(s)" button to add items to the Change Request
  4. The "Associate Item(s)" explorer will open on the right side of the screen, much like creating relationships. Locate the item you wish to add associate by the item or highlight and click "Associate".

Items to Be Changed

Items that are included in a Change Request will have an additional tab added to them. The tab is added automatically to ensure that all users working with or editing the items know it is under consideration for a Change Request.

Each item under the Change Request widget (tab) will denote the version when the Change Request was introduced and the version of the item that completes the Change Request. The request has not been completed if a listed item has no value for the Ending Version.

Note: If an item has the Change Request tab enabled, it is a Change Request. By definition, Change Requests cannot be associated with another Change Request Item.

It is a practice that the Change Request author/moderator locks the Change Request so it cannot be edited. This way, the moderator can approve the requested items to be changed and update associations or close the change request as edits are made. Ideally, avoid a "too many cooks in the kitchen" scenario.

Edit/Update Item(s) to Be Changed

The item's starting and ending versions can be updated at any time but only from within the Change Request itself, not in the item to be changed.

Note: Even if the Change Request Item is locked, the Change Request association can be edited.

Close the Change Request

Clicking on the "Close Change Request" button from within the Actions menu inserts the current version of all items on the Change Request without an Ending Version. The Actions button is located within the Change Request tab.

NOTE: The Change Request functionality does not entail any automated process. This is simply a way to track the requested change.

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