Trace View Export - Broken Formatting in Excel

Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera
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Author: Jonathan Rivera

Date: February 14, 2024

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Self-hosted or Cloud


After exporting a report from Trace View, opening the CSV in Excel has broken formatting. This will likely show up as large gaps between rows with seemingly random words being cut off.


  1. Check how many characters are in the cell that precedes the broken formatting.
  2. If it is at (or close to) 32,767 characters, that cell is too large for Excel to handle.
  3. Exclude columns from Trace View that are too large. (This will typically be large text fields, such as the Description field.)


Excel's character limit for a single cell is 32,767 characters. The formatting in Excel will break right around where a large cell hits that limit. 


Do not include large fields in the Trace View columns when exporting.

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Additional Information/Metadata:

  • Report
  • Trace View

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