Locked By" VS "Last Locked By" VS "Locked" fields

Alexander Cerrato
Alexander Cerrato
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Author: Alexander Cerrato

Date: February 11 2024

Audience: everyone

Environmental details: Jama Connect® all versions


In Jama Connect® there exists a "Locked by" field. which could be construed as the item being in the "Locked" state or status.


Definitions of the fields:

"Locked By" field contains the name of the user who last locked the item.
"Last Locked by" field contains the date in which a user last locked the item.
"Locked" filed contains the locked status, i.e. whether or not the item is locked.


At some point the "Locked by" field must have been marked as "show" in the "show/hide fields" selector:


If the "Last Locked" field is not relevant to your operations then it may be hidden to avoid confusion, and only show the "Locked" status field which is a Boolean value and is represented by a lock icon when locked.

Additional Information/Metadata:

  • User interface
  • show or hide fields
  • Field definition

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