Maintaining your Jama Connect® database

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Author: Jason Ritz

Date: January 18th, 2024 

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Follow these recommendations to maintain your Jama Connect® database, which includes having a data backup plan and ensuring the appropriate memory is allocated to the database server.


1. Create a data backup plan — Back up your database server at least daily and implement backup

strategies as needed.

2. Allocate appropriate memory to the database server — Have your Database Administrator

monitor memory usage and allocate memory in advance to prevent running out of memory.

3. Configure system variables and server properties based on usage — See the

documentation for MySQL or SQL Server for details.

4. Check or analyze databases and tables every six (6) months — We recommend reviewing or analyzing your databases at least every six (6) months or after you write, change, or delete a substantial amount of data. Pay extra attention to table or index size because Jama Connect is a write-heavy application. If a table has grown out of size or the index is too large, it might need to be rebuilt.

Use these resources to determine if an index or table must be rebuilt:

• Leverage MySQL and SQL Server statistic gathering to detect the need to repair or analyze databases or tables.


• Run MySQLcheck to check, repair, optimize, or analyze tables in MySQL. For details, see MySQLcheck — A Table Maintenance Program.

• Use the Maintenance Plan Wizard tool to manage backups, data integrity check


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