The KOTS get config command returns the configValues file for an application

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Author: Chris Breaux

Date: December 15, 2023

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Jama KOTS

Summary: We may need to view or change configuration settings quickly (KOTS admin console). For example, taking a backup of the admin console settings and utilising them in a new installation/migration.


  1. View the config
    kubectl kots get config jama-k8s -n default
  2. Save the config
    kubectl kots get config jama-k8s -n default > copy_of_your_config.yaml
  3. Edit the config
    vi copy_of_your_config.yaml
  4. Apply the edited config
    kubectl kots set config jama-k8s -n default --config-file /path/to/copy_of_your_config.yaml

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