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Author: Luis Prudoth

Date: January 11, 2024

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Sometimes after changes have been made to Jama, your instance will hold onto outdated information previously used to speed up performance. This can cause your instance to act a little glitchy. Clearing your cache by doing a Hard Reload in your browser and performing a project reindex or project cleanup may help. 


A Project indexing recreates the elastic search index for entities within the project. Items, activities, etc. So any features we use that search for items, search for activities to find things, get counts, etc would be updated to the most current Database state. This task can be performed by a Project Admin or an Org. Admin. This doesn't affect Jama's performance or project because is a short and quick refresh.


An Index/Search or a Full-Reindex helps to perform the same functionality as the Project Index but the difference is that this option will execute this task to all projects in the whole organization. This can only be performed by an Org. Admin.

Note: This might take some time to complete depending on the number of items in each of your projects. This is mandatory every time you Install a new server, migration, or upgrade. This might slow down the performance of your Jama instance, so we recommend performing this in a downtime schedule date or maintenance to avoid a headache to end-users while interacting with the Jama interface (UI).


The Clean up a Project and Clean up Project baselines will force a manual update of your project in the explorer tree and baselines. This task can be performed by a Project Admin or an Org. Admin.



Quick Reindex (Single Project through the UI)

1. Go to the Admin tab > Project tab > select the project > Index tab


2. Full-Reindex (All Projects through the Jama Admin Console - Root Menu)

Log into your Jama Admin Console, click the Index/Search tab, click Index Items, and finally Yes. An advertisement will pop up a small windows advising the time will take to complete the task.


3. Clean up a Project and Clean up project baselines

Go to the Admin tab > Project tab > select the project > Cleanup tab


 - Self-Hosted Traditional Post Upgrade Steps


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