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Date: April 30, 2024

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An ID or key refers to the name or record of an item type in a project or globally while creating it. In this article, you will learn the composition of an item ID (interpretation), the ID fields in an item & its purposes, which Jama objects have this identifier & where they are located, and what can be modified in that specific field data.



An Item has two different ID fields: Project ID and Global ID.

Project ID
The Project ID is an identification for an item type and differs from others inside of a project and outside of it. This is divided into three parts:

1. Project key - Identifies which project an item belongs to. Project keys must be unique to each project, and must be 1–16 characters long, consisting of letters, numbers, and underscores. A project or organization admin can change the project key, but that doesn't reset the numbering of items.

2. Set key - Identifies item sets for each project. You can use the same set key across sets or projects. Project or organization admins can change a set key to better meet your organization's needs.

3. Set counter - A number automatically added to the item. Unlike the global ID counter, you can reset the set counter when you change the set key.



Global ID

The Global ID is an identification for an item type that differs from other synced items inside of a project or outside of it and is divided into three parts:


1. Project key

2. Set key

3. Global ID - is a unique identifier of items that are connected through synchronization. While every item has its own unique ID, two items that are synchronized can share a Global ID.


When you synchronize an item with a different project, the Project ID will change by design, but the Global ID will remain. 


What can we modify in a Project ID?

We can only change the Set Key with a small tool called Set Key Change

To understand this part, I will explain it using an example:

Project Key: LUIS2022
Set Key: Defect_2022

The image below shows my items:

I want to change my Set Key for Defect_2022 to DEF_2023. The Set Key Change window will offer me two simple options: New Set Key and Regenerate Item IDs. If you use Only the option New Set Key, this will make the changes for the new items; this option won't affect the existing item's ID. But if you put a check in the option Regenerate Item IDs, then this will update all existing item IDs with the New ID. Check the picture below:

When we use the Type Key, that option it won't affect at all any item's ID. This section is only when you create a new component set and you will like to have as default a text for the Set Key Only. Here is my example for this:

When I create a new Defect Component Set, the default Set Key appears as BUG, but this section can still be edited. In the picture below I have changed this to BUG2022:


The final result will be this in the picture below, but you can still set a unique set key instead.


Cause: I can´t change the item ID counter or the global ID.


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