The application won't start after a server reboot

Jason Ritz
Jason Ritz
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Author: Jason Ritz

Date: December 8th, 2023

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Self-hosted


After restarting the application server, Replicated and Jama Connect® will not start even though no changes were made to the server. 



  1. Check if SELinux is running 
  2. If SELinux is running temporarily disable it 
    setenforce 0
  3. Check if Firewalld is running 
    systemctl status firewalld
  4. If Firewalld is running temporarily disable it 
    systemctl stop firewalld
  5. Restart Docker
    systemctl restart docker


SELinux and Firewalld are set to run on system startup by default, so a server reboot can restart them, causing the issue. 



You can permanently disable SELinux by editing the following file:


Update the line SELinux=enforcing to be SELinux=disabled



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