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Author: Luis Prudoth

Date: July 2024

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In this article, you will learn about one of the predefined field types called "Assigned To Me" used in a widget dashboard.


The label/title "Assigned to me" is used for User Field Types. For example, if you create a field type User (Predefined, not Custom) for one of your item types, saving it will display it in that item. When you edit one of these item types and click in the drop-down list, a small window will appear with a list of all users with access to that project. Selecting your username and saving the changes will be reflected in the "Assigned to me" dashboard widget table.

The "User" field type is included by default in Test Runs within a Test Cycle. In order to execute a test run, it is mandatory to assign a user. If Jama detects that a test run doesn't have any assigned user for execution, it will prompt you to assign yourself before running the test. Once assigned, you can execute the test run, and this assignment will automatically be reflected in the dashboard widget mentioned earlier.

Please note the following: You cannot use any user group for this. This window automatically tracks all users who have access to this project., including any user groups that are referenced for permissions in this specific project. In addition, the Organization Administrator, who has full access to the entire organization, will also be listed here.



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