How to create a filter that reflects Down/Upstream items

Jose Leonardo-Munoz
Jose Leonardo-Munoz
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Author: Jose Munoz

Date: 5/9/2024

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Cloud and Self-Hosted


This is how to configure a Filter to search by the type of relationships, using their attributes and items related to them. 


When creating the Filter:
1. In Create Rules, you can Match All Item types or a specific type.
Under Create rules, you can try different conditions that make sense.
In the first dropdown in a condition, you can choose: Has downstream, has no downstream, has no upstream, or has upstream items to add more conditions to the filter.
2. In the third dropdown, you'll see the relationship types.
3. If you select this filter... next to the third condition, you can configure an embedded filter to select the item types the relationship is related to and more conditions to get better results.





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