How to configure review comments to appear in projects in Jama Connect®

Alejandro Ochoa
Alejandro Ochoa
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Author: Alejandro Ochoa

Date: April 25, 2024

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Comments made during reviews can provide valuable context, whether you're reviewing a requirement, lower-level feature, or test item. A record of those comments offers enhanced traceability so that you can make informed decisions throughout the item's lifecycle.

The review moderator can allow comments from a review to appear in the project view for that item.

When enabled, the Review comments widget appears in the Single Item View. Select it to see the review comments for that item.


For the administrator:

  • Select Admin > Organization > Review Center.

  • Under Permission settings, select Allow for review comments to appear, then click Save settings.

    This option is now available and visible to review moderators when they create reviews.




For the review moderator:

  • When creating a review, select Allow for review comments in a project's single-item view.


Once enabled, comments are grouped by review and sorted with the latest comments at the top.


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