Jama Connect® User Guide & Knowledge Articles

Jama Connect® User Guide & Knowledge Articles

  • Jama Connect® User Guide Documentation

    Jama Connect® User Guide Documentation

  • Administration

    Organization administrator: The admin controls all aspects of configuring Jama Connect, including its users, groups, content, collaborations, and integrations. It is a role that can be assigned to an individual or a group. Most organization admin tasks are accessed under Admin in the top-level navigation. This heading is only visible to users with organization admin privileges. Project administrator: A role that can be provided for all projects or on a specific project with a focus on permissions, project groups, and workflow customization.

  • Authentication

    The default method is Basic authentication, which checks user login data Connect database. However, other integrations are available for both cloud and self-hosted environments.

  • Collaborating with your team

    Reviews, Workflows, Notifications, Stream, and Electronic Signatures

  • Creating Content

    Components, Sets, Folders, and Items

  • Custom Reports

    Custom Reports (EESR Team) which are paid for and created specifically for the customer.

  • Defects


  • Diagram/Graph Editor
  • Database
  • Finding Content

    Jama Connect uses an index of the database fields for its search function. It also searches in text files, Word files, and PDF files to find the items you're looking for. You can search item IDs, descriptions, attachments, and field values. Search for an item's unique ID (not global ID) and it opens.

  • Functionality
  • Licensing and License Usage

    Licensing and License Usage

  • Managing your content

    Item versions, change requests, releases, baselines, coverage and traceability, reuse and synchronization, and exports

  • Monitoring your project

    Dashboards, reports, coverage and traceability Toole, and exports

  • Performance


  • Projects


  • Relationships

    Relationship widget, relationship types, import relationships plugin, and relationship rules (organization level)

  • REST API and extensibility

    Jama Connect offers a powerful REST API that allows your team to integrate and extend the capabilities of Jama Connect.

  • Review Center

    Review Center

  • Trace View
  • Troubleshooting & Workarounds

    Standard (Native) Troubleshooting & Workarounds