Self-Hosted Traditional Post Upgrade Steps

Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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  • List of key settings customers should verify after a future upgrade

    • Consult the Upgrading Traditional Jama Connect guide prior to performing the upgrade

    • Review Jama 8 Installation and Upgrade Troubleshooting Tips for a thorough walk-through of steps to take prior to submitting a Support ticket

    • After an upgrade, a full reindex should always be performed (see Perform a full re-Index from the Root menu above)

    • Validate if the reindex was successful in the contour.log (see example below)

    • In case a reindex is not completed successfully some odd behaviors may occur, such as the list of users or the list of scheduled jobs showing empty in the GUI

    • Ensure that log tracking is enabled for your Jama Connect instance

Logging Levels and Tomcat Restart – The logging tool is instrumental in diagnosing issues with your Jama instance

Adjusting the Size of Log Files

Troubleshooting an outage on Jama 8.0 and up


Example Reindex Completion Log:


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