Potential Issue for Self-Hosted Customers on 8.70 Using MySQL For Backups And Restores

Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Author: Amanda Jennewein

Date: April 11, 2022

Audience: Everyone

Environment Details: Self-Hosted customers on 8.70

Summary: Cloud tenants that were provisioned from MySQL backup files couldn't perform batch operations because the backup files didn't include the stored procedures that were shipped with the 8.70 release. 

This issue (or similar issues related to missing stored procedures) could also affect self-hosted customers on 8.70 that restore from MySQL backups.

In the event that any customer reports the following errors:

PROCEDURE <TENANT_ID>.sp_batch_update_set_suspected_documents does not exist

PROCEDURE <TENANT_ID>.sp_update_baselined_documentnodes_for_batch_update does not exist

PROCEDURE <TENANT_ID>.sp_update_test_case_revision_items_sequence does not exist

PROCEDURE <TENANT_ID>.sp_update_test_cycle_revision_items_sequence does not exist

PROCEDURE <TENANT_ID>.sp_update_test_plan_revision_items_sequence does not exist

PROCEDURE <TENANT_ID>.sp_update_test_run_revision_items_sequence does not exist

PROCEDURE <TENANT_ID>.sp_update_workflow_instances_state_for_enable_workflow does not exist

then the customer should run the following MySQL query:

delete from DATABASECHANGELOG  where id in ("CON-17985: batch update: set suspected documents"       , "CON-15022: add_mysql_procedure_update_basedlined_documentnodes"       , "CON-18001: add sp_update_test_case_revision_items_sequence"       , "CON-18001: add sp_update_test_cycle_revision_items_sequence"       , "CON-18001: add sp_update_test_plan_revision_items_sequence"       , "CON-18001: add sp_update_test_run_revision_items_sequence"       , "CON-17941: add_sp_update_workflow_instances_state_for_enable_workflow");


Solution: Customers will have to restart the application after running the MySQL query.

Additional Information: Agents, please inform and work with should you have any questions.

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