Jama Connect® 9.13.1 Customer-Validated Cloud

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Release date US: 2024/07/11 (non-production), 2024/09/12 (production)

Release date AU/EU: 2024/07/12 (non-production), 2024/09/13 (production)

Jama Connect Advisor — Analysis Results Slide-Over Panel for Document View

In Document View, after analyzing a requirement with Jama Connect Advisor, the analysis results now opens in a slide-over panel (previously a window). This panel lets you view the analysis results side-by-side with your requirements, and easily incorporate suggestions.


Test Management Improvements

Test Plan Organization Updates

Previously, all test plans were organized into a single flat list for a project. With the introduction of the Test Plans tree and folders, you now have a flexible and scalable method for test plan organization and navigation.



Note: If archived test plans existed in a project prior to Jama Connect 9.8, the system performs a one-time move to relocate all archived plans into a user-managed folder called "Archived test plans." You can remove or keep this folder. All subsequently archived test plans remain in their original location. For example, the system doesn't automatically relocate newly archived test plans.


Improved activity logging and confirmation messages for activities when adding, removing, and moving items in the test plan tree

  • Bulk move items in Test plan tree confirmation and activity log



  • Duplicate and delete test plan confirmation.



  • Users with a test runner license can now restore deleted test plans from the project activity tree.



Enhanced Performance

The following options have been improved for significantly faster runtimes:

  • Auto-creating test groups by dragging and dropping test cases from the tree to the dotted line container in the test groups page of a plan.
  • Creating a new cycle.
  • Viewing test runs within a cycle (loading the test runs table).
  • Adding a test case to a test group
  • Reordering test cases in a test group
  • A large batch update for "Sync Test Runs to Test Cases" 



Baseline Updates

Baseline Single Item View
In Jama Connect 9.13.0 and later, baselined items open in Single Item View. This view provides a comprehensive display of all versioned and non-versioned fields, including attachment and link counts, fully capturing the state of the item at the time the baseline was created.

Note: Baselines Single Item View only opens when you select an item from a baseline.


Baseline In-App Comparison
The "Comparison Information Bar" feature is now available from baseline in-app comparison. This feature is designed to clearly communicate when there are updates or no changes when you compare baseline to baseline or baseline to current items.


Baseline comparison now shows when items have been removed or deleted from their originating source. We have also adjusted the comparison colors and styles to enhance the accessibility of the comparison view.



When an item is added to a source and a new baseline is captured, added items are now displayed in green when you compare baseline to baseline or baseline to current.




Usability and Accessibility Updates

As part of the ongoing focus to adhere to WCAG 2.2 standards, we've made the following updates:

  • Color palette was refreshed across Jama Connect to ensure the visual presentation of text has a contrast ratio of at least at 4.5:1.


Updated Add Item Experience
Previously, when you added a new item or container, a window opened for you to add draft text. While the window was open and the item was in a draft state, you were prevented from performing other actions in the application. If the open draft item was a test case item, you were prevented from using rich text when writing test steps.

Now, when you add a new item or container, the page opens in an in-app tab, which allows you to perform other tasks while an item is being authored.


You can also write test steps with rich text while the test case is being drafted.


Document View Updates

  • The default view for all items in Document View now includes Name and Description until an admin updates the configuration.
  • The "Quick add" option is now available from the Inline Insert drop-down menu.
  • When the Stream is disabled in the Admin settings, the Comment icon is no longer be visible in Document View.

Reports History
HTML reports now include a link that opens in a separate browser tab instead of requiring the report to be downloaded first.


Embedded Filter Enhancements

The following updates have been made to embedded filters that you access through the Filter window:

  • Under Create rules, when defining conditions that must be met, you no longer have to add an embedded filter.


When you open the Add embedded filter window, you see the following enhancements:

  • The Select a project drop-down menu now included only the options Current Project or All Projects.


  • The button to save the addition of an embedded filter is now disabled until all included conditions are filled out. You can't insert an embedded filter where a field is left blank (see below).



  • If you edit a saved embedded filter, a new option allows you to remove it.


If an embedded filter contains conditions that are broad in scope, such as searching across All Projects or placing a wildcard in a text field, a new inline alert indicates that performance might be slow when executing the filter. If this alert is visible, change the conditions to narrow the scope of the search.



New Review Center Notification Settings

To reduce unwanted email notifications and enhance control of preferred ones, we've made the following updates:

  • On the Review Center page, the options for review notifications are now grouped under Approval review notification settings (must be organization or process admin to update these settings).
  • The wording of the options themselves has been updated for clarity and additional control:
    • "Notify moderators when participants complete reviews"
    • "Notify participants when other participants complete reviews"


  • On the Initiate review page, the notification settings options are now grouped under Notification settings (must be review moderator to see these settings).
  • The wording of the options themselves has been updated for clarity and additional control:
    • "Notify moderators when participants complete review"
    • "Notify participants when other participants complete review"



  • Review participants  no longer receive due date reminder emails for any review they already completed


End of Life Announcements

Trace Matrix
As announced in the Jama Connect 8.76 release notes, the 12-month+ transition period has ended, so Trace Matrix is no longer available in Jama Connect. This decision was guided by the superior capabilities and significantly higher usage (over 20x) of Trace View, as well as the objective to simplify the available options for traceability analysis in Jama Connect.

Most users aren't impacted by this change because Trace Matrix was disabled by default in the Jama Connect 8.78 release and only an organization admin could re-enable it.

Note: Trace View and Coverage Explorer are not impacted by this change.


BIRT Reports
With this release, BIRT reports will no longer be available. This decision was based on a combination of factors, including low usage, security, and performance concerns. Additionally, Jama Software hasn't created any reports based on this format for many years, contributing further to this decision. Our community reports already provide many variations of the same data and we will provide similar replacements for:

  • Review Center Comments Report
  • Test Plan Detail
  • Test Plan Summary

Those leveraging custom BIRT reports have been contacted by their Customer Success Manager to investigate options. If you are unsure which reports in your instance are BIRT, select the report in your production instance (prior to its upgrade to 9.13) and review the detail at the bottom of the dialog box. Contact your CSM If you have any concerns.



Technical and Administration Improvements

Authentication and User Management
User attribute management is now limited to organization and user admins. Users can no longer update their own user attributes from the My Profile area of the application.

SAML authentication configured systems are now compatible with the following auto-account provisioning features:

  • Invite a new user by email from a review
  • Invite a new user by email from the Comment Stream
  • SAML new user first-time login

Organization and user admins no longer update attributes manually because configured systems automatically update user attributes during the authentication flow.

SCIM Integration Improvements
This release provides additional enhancements to performance of the SCIM API for user and group provisioning. This improvement primarily affects Azure Active Directory integrations.

General Maintenance and Library Updates

This release also includes updates to several libraries and foundational technology components. These updates align with our continuous improvement objectives to support usability, performance, and security across the application.


REST API Updates

GET Relationships Performance Update and Transition
We have deactivated the previous method and parameters for calling GET /relationships. This transition focuses on performance enhancements and introduces improvements in the integration experience.

Introduction of lastId Paging

Benefits of lastID Paging:

  • Reduced System Load - Using lastId paging contributes to a noticeable reduction in the load on the system, mitigating the potential for performance and system stability concerns.
  • Improved Integration Performance - The transition to lastId paging enhances the overall performance of your integration with Jama Connect.

Promoting Categories APIs from Labs to v1
The following APIs are now available in v1:

  • GET /categories
  • POST /categories
  • PUT /categories/{categoryPathId}/visibility
  • GET /items/{itemId}/categories
  • POST /items/{itemId}/categories

Test Management
This release also improves performance when using the /testruns API endpoint.


Resolved Issues 

ID Description
SOS-DEF-512 Test Group column now correctly sorts in both source and duplicate Test Plans.
SOS-DEF-540 Changes to diagrams are saved when the diagram is center-aligned in the Rich Text Editor.  
SOS-DEF-1388 Body text in a rich text field now exports with the correct Word outline level rather than Level 4.  
SOS-DEF-5292 Performance has been improved when assigning multiple Item of Type fields on a single item.
SOS-DEF-5674 Enabling the Approval Review template in Review Center Admin no longer affects the settings in a Peer Review template. 
SOS-DEF-6719 Calculated fields now show the correct results after a batch edit.  
SOS-DEF-6772 When retrieving the steps in a test case using GET /items/{id} API endpoint, the steps now appear in the correct order in the JSON as reflected in the UI.
SOS-DEF-6879 When importing items into a different project than is currently active for the user, the items are now created with correct IDs and Item Paths.
SOS-DEF-6891 Exporting from Excel now succeeds without errors when the Calculated and Logic fields are empty.
SOS-DEF-6969 Improvements made to handling of images within rich text fields so errors no longer appear.  
SOS-DEF-7100 Reviews no longer include relationships to items in archived projects.
SOS-DEF-7109 When Stream is disabled, the comment slide-over panel now shows comments.
SOS-DEF-7169 System-locked items now allow the creation of child items via the API, which is the same behavior as in the UI.  
SOS-DEF-7217 Round trip import enforces write permissions when the import is completed in an incorrect project.  
SOS-DEF-7287 When you duplicate a Test Plan that has more than 20 Test Groups, the order of the groups is now preserved. 
SOS-DEF-7292 Org Admins can once again delete projects that have items with applied categories. 
SOS-DEF-7293 Reuse Baseline now copies the baselined relationships, not the current relationships.
SOS-DEF-7350 An error is no longer created when you select an item ID hyperlink in an Excel export.
SOS-DEF-7358 Test case IDs now appear in the UI and in the exports.
SOS-DEF-7361 Replace with baseline now finishes without an error when items with workflow enabled are deleted from a set. 
SOS-DEF-7362 When you export to Excel from the Categories List View, you no longer see an "unexpected error" message.
SOS-DEF-7374 Lookup matrix fields now display text rather than numeric value in List View and in Document View. 
SOS-DEF-7375 Calculations for filter 'Preview Results' calculations are now updated after you change the project selected in the drop-down list.
SOS-DEF-7384 Exports that include # of links now displays the correct count.
SOS-DEF-7406 Standard text fields now display appropriate spacing between lines when exported to Excel. 
SOS-DEF-7410 Test Plan ID and Test Cycle ID are now included in Excel exports.
SOS-DEF-7427 Mark it as an important flag now available in review comments for all customers.  
SOS-DEF-7430 In a review, the current export version correctly matches the version displayed in Reading View.
SOS-DEF-7441 You can now relate components to other items.
SOS-DEF-8261 When you open the related item preview panel from the baseline in-app comparison option in Document View, an "Unexpected error" no longer appears. 
SOS-DEF-8274 After a batch edit of a Test Run, Test Steps are now displayed in the review. 
SOS-DEF-8283 If a test plan is archived, associated test runs no longer appear in a test case's test run widget.
SOS-DEF-8284 Historic reviews created from a since-deleted filter can now be viewed. 
SOS-DEF-8347 Baseline Status from the previous baseline is no longer copied to the new baseline when it is created from a modified review or revision.
SOS-DEF-8372 When you reuse a baseline with an umlaut character, a new baseline is now created with the correct string of characters. 
SOS-DEF-8389 You can now include categories of a modified item from a reused baseline. 
SOS-DEF-8396 Excel exports now reflect line breaks when the Description field is plain text.  
SOS-DEF-8400 REST API no longer returns alternate results when you provide a project as a property.

Known Issue

ID Description
SOS-DEF-8442 Display issue where activities in Review Center always show the version as 1.  


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