Upgrading Self-hosted Jama Connect Interchange™ (JCI)

Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Author: Amanda Jennewein

Date: July 9, 2024

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Self-hosted, Replicated - KOTS v 9.6.x, Jama Connect Interchange™ 


Jama CI using excessive CPU may occur when you need to upgrade JCI. 


To upgrade the self-hosted Jama Connect Interchange™ or JCI, you can follow the steps provided in the installation guide with some modifications. 

  • Navigate to the JCI installation directory and stop JCI
    • cd /opt/jci
    • sudo docker compose down
  • Follow this procedure in the Installation Guide to upgrade JCI to a new version.
    • Steps two (2), six (6), and seven (7) can be skipped for upgrades. 
  • This will upgrade the JCI application, and all configurations will persist.
  • Navigate to the JCI installation directory and start JCI. 
    • cd /opt/jci
    • sudo docker compose up -d


The JCI application needs to be upgraded to a newer version.


Upgrade the JCI Application when new releases become available. 

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