How to unlock a test cycle after browser tab being closed during editing

Alexander Cerrato
Alexander Cerrato
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Author: Alexander Cerrato

Date: July 2 2024

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Self hosted and cloud customers



While editing a test cycle the browser tab is closed causing the test cycle to be placed in Locked status. 


A user account with a creator license will need to log in and edit the cycle details, perform any change if needed and click on "Save" in the editor modal window.

1. Log in with a user account with a creator's licenses.
2. While in test runs view to the right of the test cycle click on dropdown menu.
3. Select the "Edit details" option.
4. Change any fields in the "Edit cycle details" modal window if needed and click on the save button on the bottom right.


The cycle is locked while editing its details to exclusively reserve editing privileges for the current user account. This insures only one user account can edit the test cycle at a time. When the browser tab is closed the reservation is kept and the locked state is not changed back to the unlocked state.


Do not close the browser tab or window while in the process of editing the cycle.

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