Jama Connect® 9.13.0 Cloud

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Release date US: 2024/06/28

Release date AU/EU: 2024/06/29

Updated Add Item Experience

Previously, a window opened for you to add draft text when you added a new item or container. While the window was open and the item was in a draft state, you were prevented from performing other actions in the application. If the open draft item was a test case item, you were prevented from using rich text when writing test steps.

Now, when you add a new item or container, the page opens in an in-app tab, which allows you to perform other tasks while an item is being authored.


You can also write test steps with rich text while the test case is drafted.


Enhancements to Trace View Filters

** Temporarily Disabled - July 17th **


In rare circumstances, a performance issue occurs when exporting large data sets from Trace View. As a precautionary measure, we have temporarily disabled the recent filtering updates to ensure that our users' experience is not impacted. The Trace View feature will continue to function as it has in releases prior to the addition of the new filters in Jama Connect 9.13. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and look forward to re-enabling this well-received feature update soon.


When you filter items in Trace View, you can effectively manage and analyze your data. This release provides additional filters to refine your results further. 

Along with filtering by Item type, you can now apply these filters: 

  • Downstream relationship type
    • Any items tagged as a relationship
  • Last modified
    • Today
    • Last seven (7) days
    • Last thirty (30) days
    • Last ninety (90) days
    • Last six (6) months
  • User
    • Created by me
    • Assigned by me


Resolved Issues 

ID Description
SOS-DEF-6969 Improvements made to handling of images within rich text fields so errors no longer appear.  
SOS-DEF-7100 Reviews no longer include relationships to items in archived projects.
SOS-DEF-7362 When you export to Excel from the Categories List View, you no longer see an "unexpected error" message.

When you reuse a baseline with an umlaut character, a new baseline is now created with the correct string of characters. 


You can now include categories of a modified item from a reused baseline. 

SOS-DEF-8394 When a baseline item is edited, converted, and reverted to the original item type, the message "Can't replace with baseline" no longer appears.

You can now successfully run the Baseline Comparison report on a project baseline rather than an empty report with the message "No items have been updated between baselines" in each section. 


REST API no longer returns alternate results when you provide a project as a property.


The data format is now preserved when you increase the width of a table column in Document View.


With the updated Add Item experience, you can save a new item.

Known Issue

ID Description
SOS-DEF-8442 Display issue where activities in the Review Center always show the version as 1.


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