Jama Connect® 9.6.6 Self-Hosted, hotfix

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Release date US: 2024/06/20

Release date AU/EU: 2024/06/21


Note: This replaces the 9.6.5 hotfix and resolves a license-related message in Excel exports

This release provides standard maintenance updates - delivering security and deployment improvements in several areas, including:

  • Ingress Rearchitecture for AWS LB issues in KOTS. This will further enable JMX features.
  • Upgrade ActiveMQ service broker to 5.18.3 for self-hosted
  • Update kotsadm to 1.108.x
  • Remove centOS from KOTS installer


Note for System Administrator:

When a system administrator upgrades an existing KOTS installation, the preflight will prompt them to run kubectl delete namespace projectcontour.


This MUST be completed to perform the upgrade successfully.

Resolved issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-7141 Re-indexing will not be affected by using uppercase letters in the database configuration.
SOS-DEF-7368 Test cases from a prior test plan are no longer displayed when a new test plan is created after closing and reopening the initial test plan. 
SOS-DEF-7427 Mark it as an important flag now available in review comments for all customers. 
SOS-DEF-7441 You can now relate components to other items.
SOS-DEF-8283 If a test plan is archived, associated test runs no longer appear in a test case's test run widget.
SOS-DEF-8396 Excel exports now reflect line breaks when the Description field is plain text. 

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