Jama Connect® 9.12.0 Cloud


Release date US: 2024/05/31

Release date AU/EU: 2024/06/01


Promoting Categories APIs from Labs to v1

The following APIs are now available in v1:

  • GET /categories
  • POST /categories
  • PUT /categories/{categoryPathId}/visibility
  • GET /items/{itemId}/categories
  • POST /items/{itemId}/categories


Resolved Issues 

ID Description
SOS-DEF-7292 Org Admins can once again delete projects that have items with applied categories. 

After a batch edit of a Test Run, Test Steps are now displayed in the review. 


When you drag and drop Test Cases to the Test Plan tab, the order of Test Groups and Test Cases are now aligned with the existing Project Tree structure. 


After you duplicate a Test Plan, Test Cases now remain in their assigned Test Groups. 


When you select a Test Cycle link from the dashboard activity stream, the existing Test Plan tab now opens without including version information. 

SOS-DEF-8396 Excel exports now reflect line breaks when the Description field is plain text.  


Known Issues 

ID Description
SOS-DEF-8413 When in single item view and 'add item' or 'add related' is selected, the header toolbar on the original item will be hidden.  Scrolling down on the item will reveal the toolbar.  

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    Please note that we have disabled the “Updated Add Item Experience” feature temporarily due to a reported defect in a specific workstream.  This is now targeted to be enabled in the 9.13 release.  


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