"Has Downstream Items" filter not filtering as expected.

Alexander Cerrato
Alexander Cerrato
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Author: Alexander Cerrato

Date: May 27, 2024

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Self hosted and cloud customers


Summary:  "Has Downstream Items" filter not filtering as expected.

Make sure your relationship rules are flagged "For coverage" as "Yes".
1. Select the "Admin" center.

2. Select the "Organization" tab.

3. Select the "Relationship rules" option on the left column.

4. Find and select the relationship rule you want to flag.

5. Check the "For coverage" check box for the mentioned rule.

6. Click on save.

You may also like to review our online documentation on this subject:
Manage relationship rules


Your relationship rules have not been flagged "For coverage" while creating them.

Flag your relationship rules as "For coverage" while creating them.

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Additional Information/Metadata:

  • Relationship rules
  • Filter
  • Coverage


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