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Author: David Duarte

Date: May 23, 2024

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Summary: Permissions and roles control how users experience Jama Connect. They restrict users' actions or the content users can see.


Roles provide access to the administrative features of Jama Connect. Roles are assigned by administrators to individual users or to groups.

Permissions control read and write access to your project. You can be granted permission to an entire project, to a project’s folders, or to a collection of items in a project. Permissions are assigned to individual users or to groups.

Permissions are inherited from higher levels in the organization structure and can be set at different levels:

- Organization

- Folder

- Project

Once permissions are set on a project, they can be adjusted based on the organization of the project Explorer Tree.


Solution: To be able to access the project, admins must set the permissions before adjusting a set or component.

- Set permissions at the highest level possible. This helps you track existing permissions for a user or group when many one-off changes are made.

- Use groups instead of individual users. Using groups reduces the volume of entries and ensures consistent setup of users who require similar access.


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