Error: "Can't Detect IP Address."

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Author: Jenna Zwick
Date: April 23, 2024
Audience: Self-hosted Administrators


When installing legacy, unsupported versions of Jama Connect® in AWS, you may encounter an error where the installation script fails to detect the hostname or IP address of the instance. This issue typically arises while upgrading to a supported version of Jama Connect®.


Older installation scripts for Jama Connect® may not be compatible with newer environments, such as AWS. This can lead to issues where the script cannot detect the instance's hostname or IP address, preventing the Replicated Admin Console from setting up correctly. The error message likely doesn't indicate that it is looking for the public IP address as defined in the AWS console.


Steps to Resolve the Issue

  1. Use the Public IP Address or Public Facing Hostname:

    • Obtain the public IP address or the public facing hostname of the instance from the AWS console.
    • It is recommended to create a DNS record for the instance instead of using the /etc/hosts file for better manageability and reliability.

  2. Manually Set the Hostname and IP Address:

  • Open the /etc/hosts file in a text editor:
    sudo nano /etc/hosts
  • Add an entry for your instance's public IP address and hostname:
    <public_ip_address> <hostname>
  • Save and exit the text editor.

Proceed with Installation:

Continue with the installation script, manually entering the public IP address when prompted.

Following these steps, the installation should proceed as expected, allowing you to upgrade to a supported Jama Connect®.

Additional Notes

  • Using a DNS record is recommended for better management and consistency.
  • Ensure that your instance's security group allows inbound traffic on the necessary ports for the Replicated Admin Console and Jama Connect.

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