Jama Connect® User Guides v8.6x to v9.6.x

Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Updated: June 2024

Audience: Everyone

Environments: Self-hosted Administration for Connect v 8.6.x to v9.6.x


Locating Installation, Data Backup/Restoration, and Database Migration Procedures in Jama Connect® User Guides Versions 8.6x to 9.6.x

This is a quick reference list of links to all the steps of upgrading from an unsupported version like 8.66 and upgrading to a supported version like 9.6.x. Jama Connect's User Guides are comprehensive, and the process can take longer if you have to stop periodically to find the next steps. Here are direct links to many of the essential procedures you may need.

They're presented in the order they generally should be performed.


Jama Connect 8.66 User Guide (Unsupported)

  1. Installing Jama Connect 8.66
  2. Backing up your database in XML format
  3. Backing up images, attachments, and other assets

Jama Connect® 8.79 User Guide (supported)

  1. Upgrading to 8.79.x from 8.6x
  2. Migrate the application to a new server
  3. Migrate the database to a new server

Jama Connect® 9.6.x User Guide (Latest)

  1. Installing KOTS
  2. Populate the database with an XML backup
  3. Restore assets from the source to the destination VM


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