How to create a Matrix Lookup

Luis Prudoth
Luis Prudoth
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Author: Luis Prudoth

Date: April 29, 2024

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In this article, you will learn how to create pick lists, necessary fields, and the matrix lookup step-by-step.


1. Go to Admin tab > Organization tab > Picklist, and create three pick lists: 3 as Matrix Lookup type and their values.

Note: You can only create a maximum of 10 values per picklist.


2. In the same Admin tab section, go to Item Types and create two picklist fields in the item type. For this example will be Picklist 1 and 2.


3. In the same Admin tab, go to Lookup matrices and click Add lookup matrix. Fill out all requested information regarding the Matrix lookup name and the picklists. Once filled up, click the Generate button to start setting up the calculation results that you want, and finally Save it.


4. Go back to Item Types and add the third field in the item type. For this example will be Picklist 3.

4. Go to the Project section, create your item, and set up the fields for a calculation test.


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