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Author: Luis Prudoth

Date: April 29, 2023

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In this article, you will learn how float licenses behave when they get downgraded automatically due to no availability. 



What does the "Number of users that were assigned a downgraded license because a floating license was unavailable." mean?

The term "float" means limited access login according to the availability or temporary access. Jamasoftware license types are divided into two: Named and Floating.

A Named License is assigned to one user and cannot be shared. Unlike Floating Licenses, a user with a Named License will always have access to Jama Connect when they log in.

So, this means that if you have all your creator floating users logged into Jama actively, then an additional user logs in having the same floating account, Jama will start looking into your other reviewer floating license type availability and will re-assign that to this last user, because you exceeded the maximum capacity. So, every time this happens, Jama will increase the number of attempts about it in his statistics of the highlighted information.

As an example, the image below shows the total number of Float Licenses I have. Focusing on Creator Floats, I have 20 licenses of this type. I can assign this type to an unlimited number of users, however, the column called Owned shows the capacity of user accounts logged in at the same time. The rest of the users having this Creator float will not be able to log in as a creator, they will need to wait until someone releases a float license of that type. In the meantime, the user will be automatically assigned a Reviewer Float license.  In this example you can see that I have 500 reviewer float licenses, and Jama will take one of them for the downgraded user account.

In this picture below you see all floating users are active:

When the downgraded user account finally logs in, he will get a welcome and advertisement message, indicating that he was assigned with a different license type temporarily due to no availability or space for him to log in with his original-assigned license Creator (Float). This is the message any float will get once there isn't login space:


When there are no more floating licenses available to be assigned by Jamasoftware, you will get the expected error message:


Cause: The license was unexpectedly downgraded without any reason or an error message was shown about access being denied.


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