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Date: April 25, 2024

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Is it possible to round trip import an entire project?

Before importing data it is a best practice to create a baseline so you can revert the changes if needed as described in this article:
Important: Do not change anything in any hidden columns in an exported excel file. The import requires these columns and may result in an error while trying to import.
The export button should only be available when you have a component, item set or an individual item (such as a folder, defect or requirement etc.) selected in the project explorer and opened in reading view port.
Example for a component:

Example for a set of items:

Example for an item:

Note: if you have the project itself selected in project tree view no export button appears as it is the dashboard it shows in the view port.

While exporting a item set for example:

and choosing the "View all export options" option in the dropdown menu:

Select the "Excel export for roundtrip" option and then run the report:

download and make any changes to the items (excel rows) you need to make. More details on that in the following article:

Excel round trip import

Go back and select the same item set that was exported and right click, then select import in the context menu.

This defines or tells the import wizard where you want to import to, in other words; the "Destination".

If you were to select the project in the project tree view and right click and then select "import" from the context menu.

The "Destination" in the import wizard would not be defined. Whether that be a component, item set, or item.

On the next step complete your mappings and make sure to check the "is this  a round trip import?" check box.

The next steps in the wizard should be self explanatory until completing the import.


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