Restoring a Deleted Item in Jama Connect®

Alejandro Ochoa
Alejandro Ochoa
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Author: Alejandro Ochoa

Date: April 25, 2024

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Cloud and Self-Hosted



In Jama Connect®, an item may be deleted from the instance willingly or by user error. When the item is deleted, on most occasions, the action is recorded in the Activity Stream.


To restore a deleted item, please check the Activity Stream to see if a "Restore" option is available for the deleted item record. If you find the "Restore" option, click on it, and a pop-up message will appear asking for your confirmation. Once confirmed, the deleted item will be restored and placed in the last position of the folder or set component that it was initially located in, as shown in the Explorer Tree.

Please note that certain items in Jama Connect® cannot be restored once deleted, including entire projects, Item Types, and Pick Lists, among others. To avoid unwanted removals in your Jama instance, we recommend paying close attention to any warning notifications before deleting an item. If the notification mentions that the item cannot be restored once deleted, consider archiving it instead.


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