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Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Author: Amanda Jennewein

Date: April 23, 2024

Originally Authored: November 2020

Environmental details: Self-hosted Native/Traditional, version 8.49.x (unsupported)

NOTE: The following article is irrelevant if you upgrade to 8.49.3 rather than the .1 or .2 patches. However, we will keep this article up if you encounter one of these issues.

The Jama Connect Self-Hosted 8.49 patches introduced some security updates, so we recommend upgrading to 8.49.2 if you are on 8.49.0. (8.49.2 supplanted 8.49.1.) You need to take some special steps if Jama Connect is installed on a Red Hat environment if you access Jama Connect via a proxy, or if you are using Jama Connect Self-Hosted Airgap. If you are currently on 8.49.0 and plan to upgrade to 8.56.0 shortly, moving to 8.49.2 is unnecessary. 

Red Hat Docker Install Issue

The script we provide on our Community can not upgrade Docker on RHEL distributions. Red Hat Linux no longer supports Docker 18.09, so the script fails when attempting to upgrade Docker 18.09 via Linux repos. You will see an error that the Docker Repo and mirrors could not be reached while running the install script. You will need to install Docker 19.03 manually.  

Example error:

Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 2.25.14 PM.png

How to Fix It

1. Get the install .rpm from here:

You can download it via a browser and copy it to the server, or you can use wget on the server to download it directly. 

2. Install Docker 19.03

sudo yum localinstall

3. Start the Docker service 

systemctl start docker  

4. Run the install script as you normally would skip the Docker install 

Airgap/Proxied Network Connection Refused Issue

The second issue affects Airgapped users and users in proxied environments. The issue is that the Replicated and Replicated-Operator config files need to be updated correctly during the upgrade. We are now setting these to use the docker0 address rather than the public address we used to set up. 

After the upgrade, you will see "connection refused" errors in the UI and the logs. 

How to Fix It

1. Get the docker0 IP address 

ifconfig docker0

You need the inet address. In this case, it is 

2. Get the jamacore IP address 

sudo docker ps | grep coreIn this example, it is

3. Edit the Replicated file. 

  • On Debian and Ubuntu systems, this file is located in /etc/default/
  • On RHEL and yum-based systems it is located in /etc/sysconfig/
  • Cat the file located at /etc/default/replicated

The file should look something like this:


Set the PRIVATE_ADDRESS= the docker0 IP 

If you need help with this, contact your IT team or server administrator.

4. Edit the replicated-operator file 

  • On Debian and Ubuntu systems, this file is located in /etc/default/
  • On RHEL and yum-based systems it is located in /etc/sysconfig/
  • Cat the file located at /etc/default/replicated-operator

The file should look something like this: 


set DAEMON_ENDPOINT= the docker0 IP:9879
set DAEMON_HOST=the docker0 IP
set PRIVATE_ADDRESS=the docker0 IP
set PUBLIC_ADDRESS=the jamacore IP

5. Restart the Replicated Services 

sudo systemctl restart replicated
sudo systemctl restart replicated-operator 

6. Restart Jama from the Admin Console

Feedback received from customers:

It's helpful for Jama instances installed on RHEL since there seem to be always technical surprises when needing to upgrade Docker and/or Replicated on RHEL.

I just wanted to share our own experience upgrading to Docker 19.03 manually (from 17.05.0-ce) on RHEL 7.1 in case this may be helpful for others.  I ran into various errors during this process, but in the end, these are the steps that worked:

  1. stop Jama (from Admin console)
  2. stop Replicated (sudo systemctl stop replicated replicated-ui replicated-operator)
  3. stop Docker (sudo systemctl stop docker)
  4. uninstall Docker (sudo yum remove docker\*)
  5. download Docker 19.03 install file (sudo wget
  6. download Docker 19.03 install dependency file 1 (sudo wget
  7. download Docker 19.03 install dependency file 2 (sudo wget
  8. install Docker 19.03 install dependency file 1 (sudo yum localinstall docker-ce-cli-19.03.9-3.el7.x86_64.rpm)
  9. install Docker 19.03 install dependency file 2 (sudo yum localinstall
  10. install Docker 19.03 install file (sudo yum localinstall docker-ce-19.03.9-3.el7.x86_64.rpm)
  11. start Docker (systemctl start docker)

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