Timed processes for Dry Run Deployment Migrations (Pn-premises to Cloud and CVC)

Dana Medhaug
Dana Medhaug
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Author: Dana Medhaug

Date: March 26, 2024

Audience: Agents and Customers



It is essential to time specific tasks during the dry run deployment migration process. This helps estimate the duration of the actual production migration and allows the customer to schedule a maintenance window accordingly. By doing so, the customer can plan and minimize any inconvenience caused by the migration process.


Timed Tasks:

  1. Taking backups and uploading them to the designated location provided by Jama (owner-customer)
  2. Downloading the customer backups from the designated location. (owner - Jama)
  3. Moving the backups to Jama servers (owner - Jama)
  4. Provisioning the database with the customer backup (owner - Jama)
  5.  Upgrading the data to the cloud version or customer-validated cloud version (owner - Jama)
  6. Download the new backups after upgrading (owner - Jama)
  7. Moving the backups to AWS (owner - Jama)
  8. Resetting the tenant in Provisor (owner - Jama)

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