Managing tests with Jama Connect

Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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When testing, there are four required levels of hierarchy from the top level down.

Managing tests with Jama Connect

Test case — A description of the specific tests you need to run to validate or verify product features or systems.

Test plan — An item that documents the overall strategy for validating or verifying that a product or system meets its design specifications and requirements. It also serves as a means of organizing test cases from the project or another project. Test runs are generated for the test cases included in the test plan.

Test group — A way to organize and optionally assign test cases in a test plan. The order of test groups and cases with each group determines how the test runs appear in the test cycle.

Test cycle — A group of test cases converted into a series of test runs ready for execution.

Test run — An item used to record results for a test case you ran against your product. Test runs are traced directly to the test case where they were generated, and the results for each run determine the Test Case Status for the related test case.


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