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Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Author:  Carly Rossi

Date: March 3, 2023

A Reminder About Jama-Developed Custom Reports

As a reminder, Jama Connect® customers interested in developing or modifying their custom reports can work with their Jama Software® Consultant or Customer Success Manager (CSM) to request Velocity Custom Reports training! Our team strongly recommends taking the training we offer to ensure our customers have the knowledge and tools needed for custom report development.

Please be aware that applying your modifications to installed custom reports originally developed by Jama Software applies the following policy for any future requests to said report:

  • If a customer decides to modify a Jama-developed custom report, any resulting defects are not covered under the 3-month defect warranty period provided upon engagement delivery.
  • Customers can contact their Jama Software Consultant or CSM to submit a billable request ticket to fix any defects that have been caused if needed.
  • Customers will be expected to provide their modified report code file to our team or request that the original Jama-developed report be updated to meet their reporting needs.
  • Any customer-modified reports will be subjected to higher scoping estimates to account for the additional time required to review or reimplement the added code to ensure they meet custom reporting standards.
  • All requests for customer-modified Jama-developed reports remain subject to our team's regular backlog timeline.


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