How to Import Multiple Test Cases

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How to Import Multiple Test Cases

Step 1: Excel Spreadsheet Setup
When setting up an Excel spreadsheet for importing, it must be laid out correctly. This will make the importing process smoother when the time comes to map the headings and avoid potential errors that could occur.

In the screenshot below, notice the sample document has four columns, labeled "Test Case Name", "Step Action", "Expected Result", and "Notes". A Test Case Name will be repeated in a spreadsheet to ensure Steps are imported under the correct Test Case.

Step 2: Importing the Document
Once you have finished setting up your spreadsheet, open Jama and navigate to the Project Tree. From here, find the folder or set you would like to import your test cases to, right-click it, and select "import".

Step 3: Find and Select the File You Want to Import

Step 4: Mapping Your Import
The first step of the importing wizard is choosing the field mappings --

Excel Worksheet and Header Row: You are given the option to select which worksheet of your Excel document you would like to import from and which line you have your headers on. In the example shown above, the headings are located on row 1, which is the row that is selected in the Import Wizard.

Round Trip is a feature available for items previously uploaded to Jama that can be batch-edited offline and imported back into Jama to update the changes made to those items. 

The Field Mapping area has many item fields for customizing the details of the item you are importing. All of these can be mapped from an Excel document; however, our example will use only four fields, marked with red arrows in the picture below:

Step 5: Set the Hierarchy
The "Item-subitem" box will be checked by default and is what we will use for our example. Should you need to use hierarchy in your Excel imports, you can do so by indenting or coloring cells.

Step 6: Submit Your Spreadsheet

You should now see the imported document in your project.

If after this you find that you are still experiencing issues, please call Jama Support or submit a help ticket; we will be happy to assist you!


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