Jama Connect® KOTS server running on Ubuntu 22.04 operating system

Riya Ray
Riya Ray
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Author: Riya Ray

Date: February 19, 2024

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Environmental details: Self-hosted version KOTS
Jama Connect® Self-hosted version KOTS, using Ubuntu 22.04 as the operating system.


If you use Ubuntu 22.04 as the Jama Connect® KOTS server OS, additional configuration is required for the application to work smoothly.


  1. Go to the KOTS Replicated Admin console and check the values for Memory allocation. 
  2. Update the memory settings as follows (These values must be updated else Elastic Search fails):
  3. Maximum Memory: 6GB 
    Maximum Memory for Container: 8GB
  4. Save Settings and Re-deploy


Elastic Search fails due to lack of memory


Update and save these values if you use Ubuntu 22.04 during the installation/ upgrade.

Additional Information/Metadata:

  • Installing/ Upgrading to Jama Connect® KOTS
  • ElasticSearch 
  • Reindexing

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