Data Exchange 3.9.3

Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Release Date: February 15, 2024 

New Features: 

  • (EES-EESD-434) Update throttle behavior after 429 responses:
    After receiving a 429 response from the Jama Connect® server, Data Exchange now adjusts the throttle rate based on the Retry-After header in the response. This reduced throttle would remain set at one until the tool was closed and relaunched. The new behavior will still lessen the outbound transaction rate to one (1) transaction per second but will return the transaction rate to the standard set rate one (1) minute later. This will allow the server to recover from high transaction submission moments and ensure the Data Exchange remains performant during extended import/export operations.

Issues Resolved: 

  • (EES-EESD-432) It fixes an issue that would cause enumeration mappings not to be saved when one of the enumeration options is disabled. 
  • (EES-EESD-433) Fixes an issue preventing the linking of attachments preview images to the actual file during import.

Data Exchange Version 3 .x User Guide

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