How to Enable Test Runner Licenses

Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
Date: June 2018

Audience: Everyone - System and Org Admins


Organization admins and user admins assign license types to users. They can also view the current licenses assigned to users and assign them license types.

The license type limits the possible permissions and roles granted to a user. License types include creator, stakeholder, test runner, and reviewer.

Regardless of the assigned license type, each user has a unique login consisting of a username and password.

Creator and reviewer licenses can be named, or float licenses; test runner and stakeholder licenses are named only.

Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 4.29.38 PM.png
The release of Jama 8.25 includes many new features to aid Verification and Validation, including a new license type, Test Runner. This license type expands upon the abilities of previous license types (Stakeholder and Collaborator), allowing the user to edit defects outside of the test execution area and create test plans. When users do not need the full capabilities of a Creator license, this is a valuable alternative.

Once Test Runner licenses have been purchased, an administrator must make some configuration changes before they can be utilized.

  1. The Defect item type needs to be updated as a Defect
    1. Via Admin > Item Types > Defect > Edit, select “Defect” from the Use as drop-down
      1. Note that this was formerly labeled as Category and included only the Test Case option, which is used to enable the Test Case widget on items


  1. The Test Runner users need to be granted create/edit permissions to the projects they will perform testing in
    1. Via Admin > Permissions, modify the Test Runner users with create/edit permissions for the pertinent projects.
      1. In this example, the user named "Test Planner" is granted Create/Edit rights to a single project for which they will create test plans.


After performing these administrative actions, users with Test Runner licenses can take advantage of the additional functionality.


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  • Comment author
    Bernhard Kohler

    This information in the table is not complete nor accurate. Our contract states that: 

    Stakeholder: Free (500 licenses) 

    • Allows someone to read the content, but not edit it
    • They can collaborate by utilizing the Review Center or adding comments to the project

    But when you look at the chart it looks like Stakeholder requires a license and it explicitly states above that “Creator and reviewer licenses can be named, or float licenses; test runner and stakeholder licenses are named only” which is not accurate. 


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