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Carly Rossi
Carly Rossi
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Release Date US: 2024/02/16
Release Date AU/EU: 2024/02/17


Test Management Improvements

Test Plan Organization Updates

Previously, all test plans were organized into a single flat list for a project. With the introduction of the Test Plans tree and folders, you now have a flexible and scalable method for test plan organization and navigation. 






Note: If archived test plans existed in a project prior to Jama Connect 9.8, the system performs a one-time move to relocate all archived plans into a user-managed folder called "Archived test plans." You can remove or keep this folder. All subsequently archived test plans remain in their original location. For example, the system doesn't automatically relocate newly archived test plans. 


Continued Performance Optimization

A large batch update for "Sync Test Runs to Test Cases" now finishes in substantially less time. 


This release also resolves performance challenges when using the /testruns API endpoint. 



End of Life for Trace Matrix

As announced in the Jama Connect 8.76 release notes, the 12-month transition period has ended, so Trace Matrix is no longer available in Jama Connect. This decision was guided by the superior capabilities and significantly higher usage (over 20x) of Trace View, as well as the objective to simplify the available options for traceability analysis in Jama Connect.  

Most users aren't impacted by this change because Trace Matrix was disabled by default in the Jama Connect 8.78 release and only an organization admin could re-enable it. 

Note: Trace View and Coverage Explorer are not impacted by this change.  

Resolved Issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-6772 When retrieving the steps in a test case using GET /items/{id} API endpoint, the steps now appear in the correct order in the JSON as reflected in the UI.
SOS-DEF-7293 Reuse Baseline now copies the baselined relationships, not the current relationships.
SOS-DEF-7348 Creating baselines no longer creates two activity messages.
SOS-DEF-7359 Item path correctly shows "/" instead of the "|" symbol. 
SOS-DEF-7375 Calculations for filter 'Preview Results' calculations are now updated after you change the project selected in the drop-down list.

Test run status colors in Excel exports now match UI colors.  

SOS-DEF-7406 Standard text fields now display appropriate spacing between lines when exported to Excel. 
SOS-DEF-7410 Test Plan ID and Test Cycle ID are now included in Excel exports.
SOS-DEF-7424 Word export (mail merge) now includes Project ID in Test Case field when exporting Test Runs.



Known Issue

ID Description

Test cases from a prior test plan will be displayed when a new test plan is created after closing and reopening the prior test plan. Refreshing the browser will clear the test cases from the new test plan.

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