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Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Author: Amanda Jennewein

Date: January 19, 2024

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Environmental details: Self-hosted - Traditional (Native) channel


You may have just received an email confirming your Jama Connect® License purchase or renewal. How do you determine which license update process is correct for your situation? There are three (3) ways to update your license, and the method you will use is directly correlated with your instance type. In this article, we will have you define your instance type and find the coordinating instructions.

Are You in the Cloud, Airgapped, or Self-Hosted (Non-Airgap)?

  • You Are in the Cloud

We automatically update your license after you purchase or renew it, so you don't need to do anything else as we host your server in our Cloud. If you are a user who requires access to this Jama Connect® Cloud environment, please get in touch with your designated Jama Admin or your Jama Software® Customer Success Manager for additional information.
  • You Are Airgapped
You have a Self-Hosted Airgap environment that cannot utilize internet installation. Any changes to a license will require a “new” license to be installed directly into your server, synced, and upgraded to your Jama Connect® instance.  
  • You Are Self-Hosted (Non-Airgap)
You store your data on your server. Most license changes only require a simple sync and restart of the Jama application. Based on the type of environment you have (Cloud, Airgapped, Self-Hosted (Non-Airgap))), please go ahead and follow the corresponding set of instructions.

License Renew and Upgrade Instructions

Cloud: You don't need to do any more customer action; access to your environment is continuous upon purchase and renewal. Please get in touch with your Jama Software® Customer Success Manager for more information if you need access.  

Airgapped: When using Airgap, your system cannot connect to the internet. This means that any changes or renewal of a license require a "new" license to replace the existing permit. You will place the new license .rli file (license key) directly into your Jama server to upgrade. 

1. Receive Jama's new .rli license file through a request or discussion with your account manager. 

2. Transfer the .rli onto your organization's Jama server. We recommend overwriting the existing license file in the exact location defined in Settings (cog icon) > Console Settings > Airgap Settings > License File and Save settings. Use the same name so as not to need to update the filename setting. 

Note: if changes are needed, you would update the file path in the Update Path field and change the license file name in the License File field.  

 3. Save settings.  

 4. Go to the Admin Console, select the Settings (cog icon) > View License.  

 5. Select the Sync License button. Note: the “Sync License” action pulls up the new RLI license file we just transferred into the server for the airgap install. The license will update on-screen. 

 6. Go to the Admin Console Dashboard, Stop Jama, then Start Jama.  

If you set up a new non-production (test/sandbox) Airgapped instance of Jama, you will receive an email confirmation containing a .rli License file. This email will provide you with specific information crucial for the successful installation of Jama Connect®. It is essential to keep this information handy and review it thoroughly. 

  • URL to download the Replicated Orchestration Tool 
  • Airgap Artifact Portal URL (unique to your license) 
  • Airgap Artifact Password (unique to your license).  DO NOT LOSE this, as this is required at the time of install 

Then, follow these directions from the User Guide: Install Jama Connect (Airgap installation) 

So that you know, it is highly recommended that you engage your Account Manager to engage Professional Services to assist with any fresh installation of Jama.   

Self-Hosted (Non-Airgap): Use the Internet Install method -- the license has been updated remotely, and you need to “sync” the license for the updates to take effect. Your confirmation email will indicate that we have uploaded the license to Replicated from our end. Once you receive this, follow these instructions: 

1. Receive Jama's new .rli license file (through a request/discussion with your account manager). 
2. Go to the Admin Console > Settings (cog icon) > View License section. 
3. Select the Sync License button. 
4. Go to the Admin Console Dashboard, Stop Jama, then Start Jama.  


About Allotment/Seat Changes to Your License

Suppose you are changing your license, which will lessen your allotments in any particular seat type. In that case, you need to ensure your license entitlements are compliant with the new license (e.g., ensuring that the number of users activated is within the new range in your new license).  

NOTE: If the number of users activated exceeds the new limit, Jama won’t update and might not start altogether. To be safe, we suggest that you do this first: 

1. Deactivate any number of active users until you comply with the licensed amount for that role. 
2. Activate the license (following whatever method pertains to your situation from above). 
3. Then reactive your users to the new entitlement numbers.  

Additional Resources: 

KOTS - How to manually upload a new Jama license file


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