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Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Author: Amanda Jennewein

Date: January 17, 2024

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Environmental details: The WIRIS MathType Equations Editor requires a separate license. 

Summary: With the release of Jama Connect® v8.66 Self-Hosted

Support for the WIRIS MathType named license. Jama Connect® now supports the WIRIS MathType floating license. 

WIRIS physical licenses for self-hosted customers are delivered directly from WIRIS to the customer. 

WIRIS licenses for Cloud-hosted customers are built into the user license provided by Jama Software®. 

End of life for WIRIS MathType named license support

The MathType column was removed from the Admin Permissions table. 

For organizations that managed WIRIS MathType named licenses in the Admin Permission table, we recommend that you remove individual users to keep things organized.   

Jama Connect now supports the WIRIS MathType floating license

The WIRIS MathType Equations Editor requires a separate license. 

Contact your Jama Software® Success Manager to:  

  • Inquire about purchasing a license. 

  • Convert existing WIRIS MathType named licenses to float licenses. Self-hosted and Airgap environments with named licenses must complete this conversion before upgrading to Jama Connect 8.66.

Note: In Cloud environments, WIRIS MathType availability isn't impacted by this change.    

MathType and ChemType buttons are now visible to all creator users from any Rich Text Editor. 

  • Depending on license availability, creator users obtain a license by opening the equation editor. 

  • Close the equation editor to return the license to the floating pool. 

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