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Alexander Cerrato
Alexander Cerrato
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Author: Alexander Cerrato

Date: January 14 2024

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: All Jama Connect® versions


Notify or remined your users of scheduled events or important information such as policies. 

-This action will affect ALL users within your Jama instance.
-The information provided in the "Notice on Login Page" region will also appear in the footer as well.
-This region accepts HTML tags. This provides the ability to add the anchor tag for linking to other online resources.


Cloud customers


Please submit a ticket to Jama Support as this option is not readily available to cloud instances.



  1. Log-in to your Jama instance as root user.
  2. Navigate to the Admin tab and select System Properties and then General Properties.
  3. To Edit, click on the Edit button on the upper right hand side, scroll down and change "Notice on Login Page" region.
  4. Once set, select Save on the upper right hand side for changes to take effect.


Additional Information/Metadata:

  • Root settings
  • Notifications
  • User login

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