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Amanda Jennewein
Amanda Jennewein
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Release Date US: 2024/01/12
Release Date AU/EU: 2024/01/13

Jama Connect Advisor — Analysis Results Slide-Over Panel for Document View

In Document View, after analyzing a requirement with Jama Connect Advisor, the analysis results are now open in a slide-over panel (previously a window). This panel lets you view the analysis results side-by-side with your requirements and easily incorporate suggestions. 

Embedded Filter Enhancements

The following updates have been made to the embedded filters that you access through the Filter window: 

  • Under Create rules, when defining conditions that must be met, you no longer have to add an embedded filter.
  • When you open the Add embedded filter window, you see  the following enhancements:
    • The Select a Project drop-down menu now includes only the Current Project or All Projects options.
  • The button to save the addition of an embedded filter is now disabled until all included conditions are filled out. You can't insert an embedded filter where a field is left blank (see below).
  • If you edit a saved embedded filter, a new option allows you to remove it. 
  • If an embedded filter contains conditions that are broad in scope, such as searching across All Projects or placing a wildcard in a text field, a new inline alert indicates that performance might be slow when executing the filter.
    • If this alert is visible, change the conditions to narrow the scope of the search.

New Review Center Notification Settings

To reduce unwanted email notifications and enhance control of preferred ones, we've made the following updates:

  • On the Review Center page, the options for review notifications are now grouped under Approval review notification settings (there must be an organization or process admin to update these settings).
  • The wording of the options themselves has been updated for clarity and additional control: 
    • "Notify moderators when participants complete reviews."
    • "Notify participants when other participants complete reviews."
  • The notification settings options on the Initiate review page are now grouped under Notification settings (the review moderator must see these settings).
  • The wording of the options themselves has been updated for clarity and additional control: 
    • "Notify moderators when participants complete the review."
    • "Notify participants when other participants complete the review."
  • Review participants no longer receive due date reminder emails for any completed review. 

Enhanced Performance for Test Management

The following options have been improved for significantly faster runtimes: 

  • Auto-creating test groups by dragging and dropping test cases from the tree to the dotted line container in the test groups page of a plan.

  • Creating a new cycle.

  • Viewing test runs within a cycle (loading the test runs table).

SCIM Integration Improvements

This release provides additional enhancements to the performance of the SCIM API for user and group provisioning. This improvement primarily affects Azure Active Directory integrations.  

General Maintenance and Library Updates

This release includes updates to several libraries and foundational technology components. These updates align with our continuous improvement objectives to support usability, performance, and security across the application. 

REST API - GET Relationships Performance Update and Transition

We have deactivated the previous method and parameters for calling GET /relationships. This transition focuses on performance enhancements and introduces improvements in the integration experience.

Introduction of lastId Paging:

  • To achieve a 1000 maxResult limit, it is now essential to utilize the lastId field

Benefits of lastID Paging:

  • Reduced System Load
    • Using lastId paging contributes to a noticeable reduction in the load on the system, mitigating the potential for performance and system stability concerns.
  • Improved Integration Performance
    • The transition to lastId paging enhances the overall performance of your integration with Jama Connect®.

Resolved Issues

ID Description
SOS-DEF-540 Changes to diagrams are saved when the diagram is center-aligned in the Rich Text Editor.  
SOS-DEF-5292 Performance has been improved when assigning multiple Item of Type fields on a single item.
SOS-DEF-7217 Round trip import enforces write permissions when the import is completed in an incorrect project.  
SOS-DEF-7347 SAML login is authenticated when using Custom Identifier (NameID) or (Attribute). 
SOS-DEF-7350 An error is no longer created when you select an item ID hyperlink in an Excel export.
SOS-DEF-7358 Test case IDs now appear in the UI and in the exports.
SOS-DEF-7359 Item path delimiter is now a forward slash ( / ) instead of a pipe ( | ) symbol.
SOS-DEF-7361 Replace with baseline now finishes without an error when items with workflow enabled are deleted from a set. 
SOS-DEF-7365 Users can now create baselines and reviews successfully for customers with very specific data conditions.
SOS-DEF-7374 Lookup matrix fields now display text rather than numeric value in List View and in Document View. 
SOS-DEF-7384 Exports that include # of links now displays the correct count.
SOS-DEF-7392 Lookup matrix fields now display text rather than numeric value in List View and in Document View.



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