Retrieving .jama file from kubernetes pod

Sravya Bandari
Sravya Bandari
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Author: Sravya Bandari

Date: January 2, 2024

Audience: Everyone

Environmental details: Self Hosted (KOTS)


This document explains how to retrieve a .jama backup file step by step from a Kubernetes pod.


  • To create a backup of the .jama file:
    • Log in to Jama Connect as a root user.
    • Select the backup tab and choose option 2.

For additional details on the backup process, refer to the following link: Backup Information.

  • To retrieve the .jama file on the application server:
    • Log in to the application server and make sure the .jama backup file exists in the Kubernetes pod with the below command.
sudo kubectl exec -it core-0 -c core -- ls /home/contour/tenant/jama/backup
    • Use the below command to copy the .jama backup file from the Kubernetes pod to the application locally server.

      Replace <yourbackupfile> with your actual .jama backup file name. (Note: you will get a warning tar: Removing leading `/' from member names. This is expected.)

sudo kubectl cp core-0:/home/contour/tenant/jama/backup/<yourbackupfile>.jama /tmp/<yourbackupfile>.jama -c core
    • Exit the KOTS system or open a new terminal window, then use the command to copy the .jama backup to the desired location on the target server.


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