Jama Connect® Supported Versions and What is Covered and Not Covered (Support Services)

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Author: Amanda Jennewein

Date: December 28, 2023

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We genuinely value your business and remain committed to delivering the best possible experience to our customers. When contacting Jama Software® Support, please note we don't offer assistance for software versions that have reached the end of their supported lifecycle. To maintain the security and functionality of our software and provide the best service possible, we put our resources towards current and supported versions. Thank you for understanding.

We understand that upgrading can be inconvenient and require planning, but ensuring you have access to the latest features, security updates, and technical assistance when needed is essential. We highly recommend upgrading to the latest supported version of Jama Connect® or transitioning to our Cloud-hosted solution.

We offer a pre-upgrade consultation call to answer questions. Please submit a support request and use the subject "pre-upgrade consultation" when submitting a ticket." 

Summary: This article outlines a brief overview of the attached Jama Software® Maintenance and Support Services Agreement acknowledged and agreed upon by Jama Software®'s customers when they purchase Jama Software®.

Jama Software® Maintenance and Support Service Agreement

Supported Versions of Jama Connect®:Jama Software® will provide the maintenance and support services described herein for the current Standard Release and two Standard Releases before the current Standard Release and any related Patch Releases. "Standard Release" means an updated release delivered to Customer as part of Maintenance and Support. The Standard Release contains feature updates to improve functionality, enhance user experience, and correct defects or deficiencies. "Patch Release" means the progress of the 3rd digit of the version release number in a three-point version control system (e.g., v8.79.1 to v8.79.2).

Items Covered by Maintenance for Support:

Maintenance and support shall include support for technical issues relating to the use of the Software (including errors or problems with the Software, issues relating to the use of the Software, issues during installation, and assistance understanding specific features); and all Patch Releases and Standard Releases to which Customer is entitled will be made available electronically for download from Jama's website as they become available. 

Items not covered by Maintenance and Support:

Jama is not obligated to provide Maintenance and Support for errors or problems caused by the following (each an "Excluded Clause:):

(a) third-party components not provided by Jama, including, without limitation, related networks and databases; 

(b) any modifications or extensions of the Sofware;

(c) use of the Software other than in a recommended environment described in our documentation;

(d) errors that are not able to be reproduced by Jama using commercially reasonable efforts; 

(e) continued use of a Standard Release version of the Software for which Maintenance and Support is no longer provided by the above Supported Versions of Jama Connect®; or

(f) any modifications to a related database or schema. 

Customer Obligations:

The customer must provide Jama with all information and materials requested by Jama for use in replicating, diagnosing, and correcting an error or other problem with the Software reported by the Customer. Jama's ability to provide satisfactory Maintenance and Support depends on having the information necessary to replicate the reported problem with the Software. 

In reporting an error to Jama, the Customer will send a complete and accurate report, including a thorough written description of the issue, error logs, screenshots, and video recordings. Additionally, for Jama to adequately provide the Maintenance and Support described herein, upon request, the Customer must implement specific monitoring tools that accomplish the following; 

(a) ability to troubleshoot within a browser other than the end user's default (e.g., if the default is Internet Explorer, then the ability to troubleshoot within Chrome or FDorefox);

(b) Frontend/User interface and network troubleshooting (e.g., Chrome, Fiddler, Charles Proxy);

(c) Network troubleshooting (e.g., Wireshark);

(d) Thread dumps and profiling (thread dumps are native functionally within Java) (examples of profiling tools: Java Mission Control, jProfiler, VisualVM); and

(e) Application performance monitoring (e.g., Introscope, Java Melody, Java Mission Control, App Dynamics, New Relic).

The Customer may choose to administer whichever specific tool they wish to accomplish the foregoing, provided the Customer acknowledges that Jama-recommended tools are preferred. Suppose the Customer does not implement and maintain the foregoing functionality upon Jama's request. In that case, Jama's ability to provide Maintenance Services and Support may be impaired, and the Customer's use of the Software may be negatively impacted. 


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